Designed perfectly, she will change the world. Displaying strength and resiliency she is tested to her limits, but never to failure. She is an Engineer.


About The Board

The University of Arizona Women in Engineering Programming Board’s goal is to create a community of empowered women in engineering, whose outreach efforts aim to foster awareness and interest in STEM fields in future generations.

The 45 women on the board have a common vision of creating Engineering Equality.

The board’s three committees:

  1. Education and Awareness: Increasing the visibility of female engineers and the opportunities made available to them through a diversity of mediums, including social media, digital/interactive, and print materials.
  2. Connections Across Communities: Creating connections between individuals and organizations dedicated to the support of women in engineering through educational programming and social mixers.
  3. Outreach and Empowerment:  Engaging elementary, middle, and high school students in STEM related activities in an effort to encourage their interest in pursuing engineering careers; supporting the retention of undergraduate engineering students at the University of Arizona.

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